"Researching" as a concept can often be glamourised as the act of excavating fossils in the sub-sahara, or of jungle-cutting to some forgotten ancient city from the late-pleistocene. Unfortunately, not only does this perception set up the young researcher for disappointment, it narrowly ignores the grind and grit necessary to recruit the participants, pippet the … Continue reading Youngster


National Carrier

At some arbitrary flightlevel, northbound, I consider my fate,on the investment of being-there, and my rageat the apathy of good people.Consuming the inflight mag sparks incendiary envy at the wealth on displayuntil it dawns that I myself an Flourishing, regardless.Descending, anticipating the imminent thicket of my friendships,who hear my bullshit laments and release me regardlessinto … Continue reading National Carrier

Necessary Conversations

Last Legs So it´s time to make the final run towards Rio. Which means big days and big miles and I am well-aware that I am making some big overdrafts on my psyche to get where I want to in the time I want to. I don´t see any viable alternatives, this just needs to happen. Two days … Continue reading Necessary Conversations

Big Brazil

Big Brazil. Big Challenges. Big Decisions. From Macapa on the northern banks of the Amazon it’s a 26hr ferry-ride through the labyrinth of islands in the delta archipelago to get to Belem, the mainland, the start of what I know will be an endurance test of thousands and thousands of highway miles. Unloading the bike … Continue reading Big Brazil